Polish Fascia Symposium

Polish Fascia Symposium 2023

  • 3 days full of lectures in english.
  • Entire Symposium is held ONLINE.
  • World-famous speakers.
  • Access to the recording of the 3 days of PFS 2023 on our VOD platform.
  • 20-22 October 2023.

We are thrilled to invite everyone interested in fascia to the most important event addressed to specialists in this field.

The speakers at next year’s symposium are the real “crème de la crème” of world-class fascia specialists.

If you want to find out what the great world of fascia is all about, see unique visualizations, learn from specialists with decades of experience, take advantage of the discount and sign up now!

Early Bird registration price: 497 zł (120 USD* – until September 30th)
Regular price: 1000 zł (240 USD* – until October 20th)
*The conversion factor is aproximate

Check the full schedule of lectures and speakers invited by us below – SCHEDULE and SPEAKERS


This is the fourth edition of the Polish Fascia Symposium. We are proud that also this time we were able to invite world-class lecturers, clinicians and practitioners to this event. This is undoubtedly an event that you cannot miss!

The entire symposium will be held ONLINE.
We invite you to sit comfortably in your leather chair, with a glass of your favorite drink, and enjoy the program and lectures filled to the brim.

Check out what you can expect for the price of PFS 2023!

  • Access to 3 days full of lectures.
  • Possibility to ask questions to our Speakers during the live event.
  • Up to 6 months of access to recordings of lectures given during PFS 2023.
  • Certificate of participation in the Polish Fascia Symposium 2023.
  • BONUS = 50% discount for access to recordings from the previous edition of Polish Fascia Symposium on our VOD platform.


  • Important! Can't join us? Watch it later!

    You don’t need to be present during the live stream of the PFS 2023.
    The whole event will be available to all participants on our VOD platform for later view.

    You will receive up to 6 months of access to our VOD platform, where, after logging in to your account, you will be able to watch all the lectures from each day of PFS 2023 at your convenient time.

    Access to recordings is included in the PFS’s attendance fee, and ready to watch on any device of your choice.

  • Day 1 Expand and see the full program

    8.00 am– 6.00 pm CEST (Warsaw Time)

    A detailed program will be announced soon.


  • Day 2 Expand and see the full program

    8.00 am – 6.00 pm CEST (Warsaw Time)

    A detailed program will be announced soon.

  • Day 3 Expand and see the full program

    8.00 am – 6.00 pm CEST (Warsaw Time)

    A detailed program will be announced soon.


  • Will I get any certificate?

    Yes, as it was last year, after the end of PFS 2023, we will be sending certificates confirming participation in the Polish Fascia Symposium 2023.

  • Will it be possible to ask questions to the Speakers?

    Yes, it will be possible to ask a question to individual Speakers. We will pass on each question and answer to a specific lecturer.

  • Do I have to attend the whole seminar?

    There is no such obligation. Each participant will have full access to the recording of the lectures given during PFS 2023. This recording will be available for 6 months on our VOD platform. So it will be possible to watch the speakers’ lectures again. Access is of course included at no extra charge and can be played on any device.

Time left until the PFS 2023:



1 000  (240 USD)
497  (120USD)

Najniższa cena w okresie 30 dni przed wprowadzeniem obniżki: 497 .


Andrzej Pilat
Andrzej Pilat
Gil Hedley
Gil Hedley
Aubrey Gowing
Aubrey Gowing
Alastair McLoughlin
Alastair McLoughlin
John Wilks
John Wilks
Art Riggs
Art Riggs

Last years edition feedback

It is really a feat to gather so many excellent lecturers in one place!


After the third day, I thought that I would fly into space with so much knowledge.


It was a real fascia firecracker!


There has been no better online conference anywhere in 2021. Merci beaucoup!


Very inspiring lectures. Great presentations. I am delighted.


A presentation about working with scars left tears in my eyes. Thank you!


As for me, the best fascia about the fascia ever!


It was an amazing event. Thanks for such a great dose of knowledge!


I love these visuals when discussing the scar. It is downright unbelievable …


If the next edition of PFS will be like in 2021. I am already registering!


Invitations from our speakers (coming soon)

See how PFS has been so far!

- 3 days full of lectures.
- Speakers from around the world, talking about their experience, developed techniques, methods of therapy, the latest discoveries.
- Lively discussions during and after each lecture.

What an experience it was for all of us over the last years!
It is always a great challenge for us, but also a great pleasure. All the more so because already during the symposium we receive very positive feedback from both the participants and invited lecturers.

Polish Fascia Symposium is the first online event of this type!
Every year it has met great interest among many fascia fans from all over the world. Every edition – a fantastic opportunity to see each other and exchange experiences between Polish and foreign physiotherapists, masseurs, therapists dealing with the human body on a daily basis.

Every year we meet at a 3-day scientific meeting, the online format makes it possible to learn live from the “world cream” of experts dealing with the broadly understood fascia.

Meet our speakers at all past Polish Fascia Symposium editions and the topics they presented:

  • PFS 2020 See the program and speakers
    1. Clara Fagioli: “Fascia: anatomical and physiologicals aspects and their clinical relevance”
    2. Aleš Urbanczik, Bert Schmitz, Cornelia Studer: “Structural Integration – Passing on an Experience 3 generations of SI practitioners discussing their motivations for choosing this profession”
    3. Paweł Korman: “Triger points in the fascia context”
    4. Magdalena Nowak: “How to work with fascia using pilates exercises”
    5. Gregor Comploi: “Changes induced by treatment of fascia”
    6. David Blow: “NeuroMuscular Taping: decompression taping methodology for enhancingblood circulation and tissue oxygenation.”
    7. Andrzej Pilat: “Fascia, movement and mechanical loads – scientific advances.”
    8. Konstantinos Fousekis: “Fascial Connectivity in Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions: What is the evidence?”
    9. Vita Mozuraitiene: “TMJ From function to local, regional and global body dysfunction”
    10. Ruth Duncan: “Understanding Pain”
    11. Ana Barretxeguren: “Breathing as One”
    12. Catherine Ryan: “Scar Tissue Management – Integrating Fascia Research into Clinical Practice.”
    13. Marjorie Brook: “Scars: In the Lineof Tension”
    14. Alastair McLoughlin: “Scar Tissue – its effects on fascia and beyond…”
    15. Marty Morales: “Fascia and the philosophy of Structural Integration.”, “The Principles and thinking behind the Morales Method® of Structural Integration”
    16. Aubrey Gowing: “The Piriformis Paradox – the most overrated and underrated muscle in the body”
    17. Joseph Schwartz: “Fascia and how connective tissue applies to the 5 Primary Kinetic Chains”
    18. Daniel Lawrence: “Successful Tendon Treatment – What Matters? Core Concepts and Evidence Updates for Real Therapists”
    19. Marius Strydom: “Fascia and Perception: Utilizing the client’s individual Structure of Perception in Fascial treatments.”
    20. Til Luchau: “Working with migraines”
    21. Julian Baker: “Anatomy for the 21th century”
    22. Daniel Bienenfeld: “Taming the Tiger” -Releasing emotions from the Fascia
    23. Art Riggs: “Balancing the pelvis”
  • PFS 2021 See the program and speakers
    1. Gil Hedley: “Autopsy – dissection anatomy”
    2. Ruth Duncan: “Understand the pain”
    3. Daniel Lawrence: “Sciatica – Sciatica facts, what we can and should not do in therapy”
    4. Grzegorz Jędrzejewski: “Structural Integration in light of evidence-based practice”
    5. Daniel Bienenfeld: “Life Changing Movement Education”
    6. Tomasz Zagórski: “Myofascial Release in Water (MRW) – a new dimension of structural bodywork”
    7. Gil Hedley: “Pleural and pericardial fascia”
    8. Gil Hedley: “How the fascial microscopic images affect the passive understanding of fascial anatomy”
    9. Gil Hedley: “The heart of the matter”
    10. Art Riggs: “Integrated work with the body”
    11. Alastair McLoughlin: “The Human Side of Scars”
    12. Marius Strydom: “Perception through the fascia. Working with client’s interoceptive structure during fascial manual treatment: practical demonstration”
  • PFS 2022 Zobacz program i prelegentów
    1. Andrzej Pilat and Martin Pilat: “Fascia competencies in pelvic floor dynamics. Anatomical and clinical approach.”
    2. Ruth Duncan: “Understanding the pain – Is pain all in our head?”
    3. Marcin Wytrążek: “Sectional anatomy of the spine”.
    4. Steve Stahl: “RockTape – the functional method of fascial taping”.
    5. Daniel Lawrence: “Understanding cupping in 2022”.
    6. Akrivi Bakaraki: “Beautystim – IASTM in the Beauty Industry”
    7. Konstantinos Mylonas: “Forward head posture can be corrected with Ergon IASTM techniques and therapeutic exercises, and this is associated with improved funcionality.”
    8. Daniel Bienenfeld: “Structural Integration”
    9. Aubrey Gowing: “Locking lumbars”
    10. Karolina Cieślik: “Diaphragm – the muscle of life”
    11. Michał Koszla: “Divergence of the rectus abdominis muscle and the bladder fascia”.
    12. Jarosław Gdak: “Lower back pain in team games on the example of American football”.
    13. Karolina Dachowska: “Rolling – a temporary fashion or an effective support for the therapist’s work?”.
    14. Joanna Tokarska: “Neurology and fascia”. “Fascia’nating world of stroke patient”. “Fascia’nating world of womens breast”
    15. Clara Fagioli: “Dysmenorrhea: how fascial treatment can improve symptoms and quality of life”
    16. Mariusz Kurkowski: “Biotensegrity concept”.
    17. Jakub Czaja: “Bodyreading” as the key to fascia understanding.
    18. Tomasz Leśnikowski: “Mobility and stability in therapeutic approach”
    19. Artur Jakuz: “Kettlebell”
    20. Art Riggs: “Integrated Deep Tissue Massage session – smooth bodywork”.

All lectures are available on our VOD platform in their original version.

The option to purchase access to PFS 2020, PFS 2021 and PFS 2022 recordings at a lower price (-50%) is provided only for PFS 2023 participants. This option will appear when purchasing a ticket for this year’s PFS 2023.

See this year's program

What do you get as a PFS 2023 participant?


    You will receive an invitation from us to participate live in the 3 days of the Polish Fascia Symposium. We will see each other for 3 days filled to the brim with lectures. You will be able to ask questions live to our Speakers.


    You will get access to a recording of the lectures given during PFS 2023. This recording will be available on our VOD platform for 6 months.
    You will be able to rewatch our speaker's presentations. Access is included, free of charge, and on any of your devices.


    You will receive a certificate confirming your participation in the Polish Fascia Symposium 2023. The certificate is issued in both Polish and English.

  • BONUS >> DISCOUNT -50% FOR PFS 2020, 2021 and 2022

    Everyone who buys participation in PFS 2023 will receive a special, as much as 50% discount for full access to recordings from the previous edition PFS 2020, PFS 2021 and PFS 2022. The possibility of purchasing at a lower price will appear when purchasing a ticket for this year's PFS 2023.


Time left until the PFS 2023:



1 000  (240 USD)
497  (120USD)