About us

About us

We are absolutely aware that our work is our showcase. And we want it to reflect our values.

When a patient arrives, we are completely focused on him. Understanding its difficulties, we are looking for answers not only on how to treat it, but above all why exactly these therapeutic tools and techniques will be the most adequate and helpful.
The same happens in our trainings. We will not only show you how to work with specific techniques, but we will teach you to look for answers and understand WHY this treatment should look the way it is. And being aware that each patient will have their own individual "why", we will support you during our training in making your knowledge flexible and comprehensive. Because this is the philosophy of our work.

14+ years of experience
300+ completed trainings
5000+ trained people
16+ cities in Poland

Why us?

First, hard data: over 30,000 training hours, over 5,000 trained graduates of our training courses, 15 international trainers with whom we cooperate, over 50 years of clinical experience, unique skills on the Polish therapeutic market.

Besides: our overriding training goal is to provide specific, highly specialized techniques and methods of therapeutic work in such a way that gives students a sense of safe guidance, focusing on participants and their dilemmas, working on real clinical cases. And all this in a very friendly, partner atmosphere. See you at the training!

Art Riggs recommendation

Art Riggs

I approve and enthusiastically recommend Łukasz Czubaszewski and Piotr Szałański as a Deep Tissue Massage teachers.

Art Riggs

Meet our trainers

In our coaching team you will find only practitioners with many years of clinical experience. See who you will meet in the training room during courses for physiotherapists!