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PFS 2021 – Day 2 – EN

This set of 7 lectures is the entire second day of the Polish Fascia Symposium 2020. It contains over 7 hours of recordings of invited speakers.
See below what topics were covered on the second day of PFS.

Description of the set

      1. Andrzej Pilat & Martin Pilat
        “Back pain and the thoracolumbar fascia”
      2. Ruth Duncan
        “Understand the pain”
      3. Daniel Lawrence
        “Sciatica – Sciatica facts, what we can and should not do in therapy”
      4. Grzegorz Jędrzejewski
        “Structural Integration in light of evidence-based practice”
      5. Daniel Bienenfeld
        “Life Changing Movement Education”
      6. Tomasz Zagórski
        “Myofascial Release in Water (MRW) – a new dimension of structural bodywork”