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PFS 2020 – Day 3

This set of 8 lectures is the entire first day of the Polish Fascia Symposium 2020.
It contains over 7 hours of recordings of invited speakers. See below what topics were covered on the first day of PFS.

Description of the set

  1. Aubrey Gowing
    “The Piriformis Paradox – the most overrated and underrated muscle in the body”
  2. Joseph Schwartz
    “Fascia and how connective tissue applies to the 5 Primary Kinetic Chains”
  3. Daniel Lawrence
    “Successful Tendon Treatment – What Matters? Core Concepts and Evidence Updates for Real Therapists”
  4. Marius Strydom
    “Fascia and Perception: Utilizing the client’s individual Structure of Perception in Fascial treatments.”
  5. Til Luchau
    “Working with migraines”
  6. Julian Baker
    “Anatomy for the 21th century”
  7. Daniel Bienenfeld
    “Taming the Tiger” -Releasing emotions from the Fascia
  8. Art Riggs
    “Balancing the pelvis”

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