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PFS 2020 – Day 2

This set of 9 lectures is the entire first day of the Polish Fascia Symposium 2020.
It contains over 8 hours of recordings of invited speakers. See below what topics were covered on the first day of PFS.

Description of the set

  1. Andrzej Pilat
    “Fascia, movement and mechanical loads – scientific advances.”
  2. Konstantinos Fousekis
    “Fascial Connectivity in Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions: What is the evidence?”
  3. Vita Mozuraitiene
    “TMJ From function to local, regional and global body dysfunction”
  4. Ruth Duncan
    “Understanding Pain”
  5. Ana Barretxeguren
    “Breathing as One”
  6. Catherine Ryan
    “Scar Tissue Management – Integrating Fascia Research into Clinical Practice.”
  7. Marjorie Brook
    “Scars: In the Lineof Tension”
  8. Alastair McLoughlin
    “Scar Tissue – its effects on fascia and beyond…”
  9. Marty Morales
    “Fascia and the philosophy of Structural Integration.”
    “The Principles and thinking behind the Morales Method® of Structural Integration”

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