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PFS 2020 – Day 1

This set of 6 lectures is the entire first day of the Polish Fascia Symposium 2020. It contains over 10 hours of recordings of invited speakers. See below what topics were covered on the first day of PFS.

Description of the set

  1. Clara Fagioli
    “Fascia: anatomical and physiologicals aspects and their clinical relevance”
  2. Aleš Urbanczik, Bert Schmitz, Cornelia Studer
    “Structural Integration – Passing on an Experience 3 generations of SI practitioners discussing their motivations for choosing this profession”
  3. Paweł Korman
    “Triger points in the fascia context”
  4. Magdalena Nowak
    “How to work with fascia using pilates exercises”
  5. Gregor Comploi
    “Changes induced by treatment of fascia”
  6. David Blow
    “NeuroMuscular Taping: decompression taping methodology for enhancingblood circulation and tissue oxygenation.”

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